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Tattoo/Permanent makeup removal

What is Saline Tattoo Removal?

The Saline Tattoo Removal is an effective method of tattoo elimination that has various advantages over traditional laser therapies. The Saline Method is effective on all types of tattoos, regardless of age, color, and location. All grades of tattoos including permanent makeup and “homemade” tattoos done with India-ink are also easily treatable. The saline method is a lot less painful in comparison to other methods of removal which can cause blistering or potential scar formation. Treatment time and expense is also greatly reduced with the Saline Method because fewer treatments are necessary to obtain desired results. Laser treatments are traditionally very expensive, painful, and cannot treat certain ink colors due to the lasers inability to breakdown lighter colors or colors that are very similar to the patients skin tone. Similarly, older tattoos are harder to remove and ink which has been placed in the deep layers of the skin are not reachable by conventional lasers.

How is saline tattoo removal done?

The Saline Method is applied using traditional tattoo equipment in a very similar fashion to how your original tattoo was first applied. In place of ink, a saline solution is used which penetrates the deeper layers of the skin to bond with ink molecules. As time passes, the body naturally recognizes these particles as foreign and pushes them to the surface of the skin, forming a scab that later heals free of any tattoo dye.

What are the benefits of saline tattoo removal?

This method requires fewer treatments compared to Laser tattoo removal Most tattoos will appear lighter with the removal of some ink after one treatment. Generally, in the first treatment, you may see significant results. Since there is no way of knowing what type of ink or how much or how deep the ink was put into your skin, and since skin types vary, there is no guarantee on how many treatments will be needed to achieve satisfactory results. With this method there is much less pain and discomfort than with the Laser, which burns the skin. The saline method is much more gentle on the skin and has a faster healing time!


Pricing begins at $150 per section, per session.  Prices depend on the area to be treated which can be discussed during consultation. Most procedures will require more than one session. Results vary from client to client which cannot be predicted. 3-session packages can be purchased for $350.  Multi-session packages must be purchased in advance at the time of service. 

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